5 Practical Ways to Help Spark Gospel Discussions

July 23, 2013
Claire Bechard

Author: Richard McConnell, Pastoral Intern at The Orchard – Arlington Heights Campus

Evangelical Christians have long cherished the importance of individual faith. And rightly so. The Bible doesn’t teach that God justifies sinners en masse. Rather men and women must approach the God of creation and repent, turn around, and put their faith and trust in Christ as personal Savior. Individual, personal, faith. And yet curiously we often neglect the individual, personal responsibility to share the gospel- the good news about Jesus. Why? Well that’s for another blog, but clearly having some practical ways to spark gospel discussions in our arsenal can only help us become effective individual “tellers.” After all, good news begs to be shared:

1)  Remember the good news is not the same as your personal testimony. This beats the “well, that was nice for you, it isn’t for me” objection. Try not to always start with your own story, but simply tell your friends what the Bible says about Jesus. Try explaining that “the Bible makes some starling claims about Jesus Christ…” rather than beginning every conversation with the creedal “I believe…” which can be very awkward. The good news is about Jesus, not us!

2)  Remember that the news is “good.” There is no denying that in order to appreciate how good, people need to understand God’s justice and wrath, but you don’t have to start with a discussion about Hell.

3)  Remember to use words… any words. You don’t have to be famous theologian or have read all the books. Just share the simple message of God’s love for us in Christ. Remind yourself of the basics in a passage like 1 Corinthians 15:3-4. Tell your roommate, wife, husband and children what the good news is. Send it as a text message to yourself or a member of your life group to practice.

4)  Remember small steps. When you have a “big job” to do you might procrastinate. Every opportunity you have doesn’t have to lead to an altar call. Start a dialogue that can continue over days, weeks and months, even years. Listen well so that your friends will ask you more questions. Prayerfully take every little opportunity. The Holy Spirit will do the “big job.”

5)  Remember to read and pray. After a swim you give wet handshakes, wet hugs and leave wet foot prints. The more time you spend with your Lord and Savior, reading God’s word, seeking Him in prayer, the more this relationship will leave a trail among your friends and family. Get back in the Word, and let it overflow.

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One thought on “5 Practical Ways to Help Spark Gospel Discussions

  1. David Barker says:

    Love the analogy in Tip #5! New for me, and I’ll remember…and I’ll share it with other believers as well. Excellent exhortation!

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