7 Reasons You Should Join a LIFE Group

January 26, 2015
Claire Bechard

Thinking about joining a LIFE Group at The Orchard?  Here are several reasons why you should:

1) Go deeper in your faith and the Word of God.
Have you ever left a worship service feeling like you just drank from a fire hose because of the richness of the message? I certainly have.  Participating in a LIFE Group can help you organize your thoughts and help you put deep roots into the Word of God through thoughtful discussion.

2) Connect with others.
With all of the different campuses and services The Orchard offers, it can be easy to feel like you’ve fallen through the cracks relationally!  Joining a LIFE Group is an awesome way to form a community within a larger church and connect on a deeper level.

3) Encourage others and bear one another’s burdens.
Encouragement and Care is what the “E” in LIFE Groups stands for.  LIFE Groups are the perfect environment to share prayer requests and encourage one another.  Caring for one another in community is being obedient to Galatians 6:2, which says, “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

4) Personalize the Christian faith.
Simply knowing the right answers does not lead to a transformed life.  It is The Orchard’s desire that God’s Word penetrate deeply to both your mind and your heart. LIFE Groups are great for talking through important truths and applying them to your life

5) Provide a great opportunity to invite new people to your group and church.
Some people want no business going to church, but would be open to a small group invitation from a friend.  This is a good and safe environment for people to ask questions and learn more about the Christian faith.

6) Jesus had a small group.
Although his disciples had a different relationship to their ‘small group leader’ (After all, He is God Himself!), Jesus met regularly with the disciples and others to encourage and teach them.  The life of Christ shows the importance of community in a believer’s life.

7) Many different stages of life, times of the week,  locations, and study options.
The Orchard has over 130 LIFE Groups to choose from.  Click here to search the full list of groups by stage of life, day, location, study, etc.

Did we convince you? Mark that you are interested in a LIFE Group on your connection cards this weekend or click here for more information about LIFE Groups.

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