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Our Story

We've been gathering together on Sundays for over 60 years. Started in 1953 with 43 people meeting in the auditorium of North School in Arlington Heights, Illinois, we’ve expanded to more than 3,000 people in six locations in the Chicago area.

A few years ago, in October 2015, we saw the urgent need for more churches here and in the Balkan region of Europe to thrive and set to making that a reality through our Thrive Campaign. Since that time we renovated our Arlington Heights congregation, opened our Northfield and Chicago congregations, are about to open our Vernon Hills congregation and sent Kujtim and Lauren Rushiti to Albania to help plant Durres Evangelical Church. The Thrive Campaign ends December 31, 2020. 

Our 2019 annual report will give you a more in-depth view of The Orchard.