Communications Request Form

Click here to complete the Communications Request Form (CRF).

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Here are some frequently asked questions:

How soon should I complete a CRF?
We need CRFs at least SIX weeks prior to when you want communication started.

How soon should I complete a VRF?
We need VRFs at least SIX weeks prior to when you want a video.

Are there any exceptions to filling out a CRF?
Yes, if you need something posted only on the News and Events sheet (AH), send that directly to Kristin.
If you need something edited on the website, send that directly to Kristin.
If you’re hosting a bigger event (e.g., conference), you may want to meet with the Communications Team to talk through your needs. Set up a meeting with Claire.

Who should fill out a CRF?
Staff members should complete and submit a CRF. Occasionally, it might make sense that a volunteer complete the form; this should only be done after that volunteer has met with a staff member. Their staff contact should serve as the conduit between the volunteer and Communications Team.

Can the CRF be edited after it is submitted?
No. All changes (date, time, contact info) should be sent directly to Kristin. We prefer that you only submit a complete CRF when you have all of the details. (If we don’t have all the details, there’s not much we can do with it.)

How do I save or print my CRF as a PDF?
BEFORE you submit your form, right click on the form and either save as or print the form.