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April 23, 2014
Claire Bechard

OlenikReview Authors: Dennis and Muriel Olenik, Members at the Marengo Campus
Book Author: Kent and Barbara Hughes

Disciplines of a Godly Man
In the Introduction the author says that when Paul writes to Timothy, “train yourself to be godly” (1 Timothy 4:7), he is calling for “spiritual sweat” (1 Corinthians 9:25-27).

Hughes makes other profound observations: No manliness; no maturity! No discipline; no discipleship! No sweat; no sainthood! I discovered two reasons for the writing of this book:

1. Correct the conscious rejection of spiritual discipline which can lead to ‘legalism’.  In other words not living to get merits from God – rather doing this or that because I love God and want to please Him.

2. Correct the notion that men are often less ‘spiritually inclined’ than women.  Therefore, women are far more concerned about the spiritual welfare of their mates.

DisciplinesofaGodlyMan125As Christian men in America, we need to change that trend, and applying the ideas in this book can help.

The format is well organized and lends itself to reading straight through or in bits.  The table of contents lays out five main areas of life most men will consider important to keep strong.  Then each area shows 4 or 5 subtopics, each about 10 pages long, which enables a reader to use this book as a one-month devotional.

The author integrates many passages of Scripture and helpful quotes of well-known Christian leaders, writers, and speakers.  The notes at the end of each chapter give clear summaries of ‘food for thought’ and challenges for ‘application or response’.  There are also appendixes which can provide opportunity for further reading or study.

Personally, the most useful parts of the book were the summaries at the end of each chapter which included Scripture and suggestions for prayer and further self-evaluation.  Good reading!

Disciplines of a Godly Woman
This book should be read by every woman regardless of age or role in life.  The book guides the reader in their thinking through 15 disciplines including the disciplines of the gospel, of prayer, of contentment and of good deeds, just to name a few.

DiscsiplinesofaGodlyWoman125Starting with the discipline of the gospel: It isn’t what we did to receive Christ, it is what Christ accomplished on the cross for us.  Because of this we are expected to be joyful, allowing the gospel to shape everything about ourselves.

The discipline of contentment in the Christian life doesn’t just happen.  As Paul said “I learned to be content.”  Godly contentment has to come into our lives regardless of circumstances and conditions.  The discipline of searching God’s Word, relying on scripture to teach us how to be content is the daily answer to learning to be content in all circumstances.

The best example of being a disciplined woman of good deeds, which may mean a sacrifice on our part, is through the example of the greatest sacrifice Christ made on the cross.  We are not saved by good works, but God created us to do good works.  He made us unique individuals with skills that we are expected to use for his glory.

“The word discipline suggests a conscious divestment of encumbrances and then a determined investment of all our energies.  The disciplined godly woman rids herself of associations, habits, and attitudes that impede godliness.  Then she invests her energy in the pursuit of godliness.”

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