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  • 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Awana at Home (N)

Awana is a ministry committed to reaching boys and girls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and training them to serve Him. These clubs are a place where children 3-years-old to 5th grade can play games, memorize Bible verses and learn Bible lessons. 

Given these unprecedented times, we are initiating a new form of Awana this year called "Awana at Home." We are encouraging families to continue to intentionally store up God's Word as Approved Workman who Are Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Our aim is to do this safely and in community. Here's what we suggest: 

  • Pick a night of the week for "club night." 
  • Buddy up with one or two other families that you are comfortable gathering with in order to share this experience with others or use this as an outreach tool to take the Gospel to your neighbors. 
  • Register below by August 24 in order to purchase your materials and receive the Family Packs we are providing. The Family Pack will include the materials you order (books and uniforms), weekly at home lesson schedule, and parent help guide/activity sheets.
  • After August 24, you can still register online, but your child may not receive their materials by September 8. 

Awana will start the week of September 15 and end the week of April 27.  

Have more questions? Contact Jeremy Schambach for more info. 


  • Northfield