Five Points – Book Review

February 25, 2014
Claire Bechard

Review Author: Colin Smith, Senior Pastor
Book Author: John Piper

C-Colin SmithThis it is a book for Christians who want to see and to savor the grace of God more deeply.

-What did Jesus accomplish when He died on the cross and in what sense did He do this for you?

-What really happened when you became a Christian?  You committed yourself to Christ, and you know that this was a result of God working in your heart. But what exactly has God done, and why did He do it in you?

5PointsHiResThe wonders of God’s grace, explored in this book, have shaped my life and my ministry.  They have led me to worship, sustained me in prayer and motivated me for evangelism.  A deeper experience of God’s grace will do the same for you, and this book is a great place to begin.

One thought on “Five Points – Book Review

  1. Brad Archer says:

    I am just finishing ‘Five Points’ and have found it to be a challenging and encouraging book. It simultaneously stimulates deep thinking and difficult questions about who we are in God, and also gives great joy in His timeless work to bring His people to Himself.
    It is definitely a book that will require multiple readings. I think it would pair well with ‘The Sovereignty of God’ by A.W. Pink.

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