For too many people, going to church often feels like being a spectator at an event.  This might be okay if it were just an event. But being part of a church community should be so much more. At The Orchard, our mission is “to glorify God by multiplying God-centered, Christ-exalting, world-transforming believers in the Chicago area and around the world.” Suffice it to say, world-transforming believers do not just sit and watch. They GROW. They set up deep ROOTS in the scriptures… they participate in LIFE Groups, where fellowship and accountability are part of their daily lives… and they bear FRUIT by serving one another, the church, and God himself with their unique talents. If you feel God calling you to GROW in your relationship with him, please join us at The Orchard.


God has faithfully shown his love for us in so many ways. By giving us his Word, the Bible, he not only demonstrated how much he loved us, he provided us with his plan for us to grow closer to him. If we are to grow in the way God intends, we must spend time in his Word each day. At The Orchard, we do just that. In worship services, in Sunday school, in LIFE Groups, and on our own, the Bible is read, discussed in detail, and revered as the divinely inspired authority in our lives.
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Sharing the life of Jesus Christ together is a vital part of a healthy church. At The Orchard, we are deeply committed to connecting believers through LIFE Groups. These groups are: led by mature and capable believers; structured around intercessory prayer for one another, the church, and our world; anchored in the study of the Bible; and marked by fellowship and compassionate care for one another.
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While acts of service do not earn our salvation, a deep commitment to serve one another and the world is a sign of a real follower of Jesus Christ. At The Orchard, there are almost limitless opportunities to utilize your God-given gifts for the good of the kingdom. From serving those in need in our home towns to obeying the Great Commission through long and short-term missions a round the globe, wherever you have a heart to serve God’s people, you will have the chance to do that here.
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