Hope for Kidz – RaeAnn Stuart

August 5, 2014
Claire Bechard

Cal and I have been supporting a child in Astruc through Hope for Kidz since my first trip to Astruc in 2010. To be honest, I never paid much attention to the Hope for Kidz sponsorship program before I went. But once I got there and saw the amazing work they do, I knew we had to sign up.

We have had a child through Compassion International for many years and firmly believe in child sponsorship. Sponsoring a child who I could see and follow up on has been an amazing experience. The first child we sponsored moved away with her family after a couple of years.

We are now sponsoring the pastor’s niece. Her name is Mirline. When I met her two years ago, she would not leave my side. There is not a lot of “personal space” in Haiti and Mirline is a good example of that. Her hands were on me constantly. She couldn’t stop smiling and thanking me. I was able to give her a picture of our family and a couple of small gifts. It was good to hear about her schooling through a translator.

There is unimaginable poverty in Haiti and much hopelessness. But the kids at the school in Astruc are able to get an education through Hope for Kidz. They also get school books, a new pair of shoes, and a hot meal each day at lunch. For many of the kids, it’s the only meal they get each day.

As long as there is a Hope for Kidz program, we will be sponsors. I saw God’s hand reaching out to these kids through the program. It’s a program that really works!

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