Hope for Kidz

June 19, 2014
Claire Bechard

Author: Brad Mullet, Director of Missions

More than 30 years ago, God appointed The Orchard to a good work that He had prepared in advance of us in Astruc, Haiti. Our sister church in Astruc has faithfully prayed for The Orchard and we have faithfully served our brothers and sisters in Haiti. They have planted five churches.  Together we seek to develop future leaders from a young age, see them established in the faith, and equip them to lead the advance of the Gospel and the planting of churches.  The Lord has afforded us this opportunity in partnership with our brothers and sisters at the church and school in Astruc.

The best way for us to continue this faithful partnership under the Lord’s kind providence is for us to do our best, and for them to do theirs.  Our best is to supply for their church and school parasite-free, fed, clothed and shod children.  Their best is to operate a well-supplied Christian school where the Gospel is explained to students, shown how it is applied to all of life, and then proclaimed by them in the world.

How can we do our best concerning them?

Through our partnership with Reciprocal Ministries International (RMI), we have the opportunity to sponsor children through Hope for Kidz.

By sponsoring a child through Hope for Kidz, we can effectively:
– Increase the number of parasite-free, fed, clothed, shod students in Astruc, in order to multiply the number of God-centered, Christ-exalting, world transforming believers through the Gospel in Haiti.
– Strengthen churches and plant more churches.
– Develop future leaders from among the Haitian partners.

This supports our missions priorities of evangelism, church planting, and leadership development.

During the past year, The Orchard sponsored 51 kids. Our goal for this year is to sponsor 150 kids. Can you help us meet our goal?

What does it take to sponsor a child?

Each child sponsorship is $28 per month or $338 per year. Consider sponsoring a child as an individual, as a family, or with your LIFE Group.

Contact Amy Wilson, The Orchard’s Hope for Kidz Coordinator, to get started today. Select a child to sponsor by their age or gender, read about their home situation and even see their picture!

Amy is also available to answer any questions you have about Hope for Kidz.

Want to learn more?

Visit the Hope for Kidz website for more information about children and education in Haiti, as well as to review a list of frequently asked questions about Hope for Kidz.

Check the blog next week to read testimonies from people from The Orchard who have sponsored a child through Hope for Kidz.

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