Magnificent Obsession – Book Review

January 22, 2014
Claire Bechard

Review Author: Dan Wells, Worship Pastor at the Arlington Heights Campus
AH-Dan WellsBook Author: David Robertson

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who are spiritually dead in their sins, and those who have life in the Son of God.  Amazingly, in everyday discourse, the former beats up the latter with tired and deeply flawed arguments, while sounding reasonable and erudite.

Magnificent Obsession-ALT

In Magnificent Obsession, David Robertson obliterates the arguments of “the new atheist.”  He points out that those who criticize Christian faith are themselves immersed in faith when they stand against the claims of the Bible. Indeed the evidence is strong in support of the life, death and resurrection of the God/man—Jesus Christ, and the argument for faith in Him is powerful.

Robertson passionately presents a portrait of Jesus that is winsome, compelling, and awe-inspiring. Both casual and studious readers will devour this book, which is written in the form of correspondence with an atheist, with extensive references to Christopher Hitchens’s book, God Is Not Great.  In the course of reading, agnostics will be forced to grapple with well-reasoned testimony, and Christians will find their faith being built up and their arguments strengthened.

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