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Abby Domsten

I said yes, trusting that God would lead me every step of the way. This experience has helped me to grow a deeper relationship with the Lord. In...

Melanie Hardesty

We have half the kids and they brought 100 more items than last year! 

Caitlin Hacker

The Lord has worked marvelously in this youth group as the students continue to grow in their learning of Christ and in their fellowship with one another.

Jessica Gooden

We went in with the intention of doing a four-week study. Here we are four months later, and we are still meeting weekly. We've grown from being neighbors to becoming close friends.

Sergiu & Kristen Micula

We decided to become members because we love the culture of The Orchard and the mission and want to partner with the church in ministry.

Alfredo Alonso

I cannot stress enough how different and powerful the teaching of God’s Word is at our church! His Spirit not only flows through the pulpit, but it flows through our LIFE Groups, children’s programs, and student ministries; I have experienced this firsthand.

Amanda Alonso

God led me to The Orchard where I met Jesus and have fallen in love with Him and His Word. I have learned more in my year and a half at The Orchard, then I did in all my years before then.

Carole Bacon

I have learned that God is faithful in all things. What if this pandemic had happened years ago? We would not been able to be together even though it was virtually. God brought the right time and people together so we as a church could be together.

Lea Young

We also praise God for consistent growth as our group weathers the effects of COVID-19 together. Each week we re-focus our eyes on what God’s Word promises, rather than on things that are seen and that may trouble us (2 Corinthians 4:18).

Iliana Kim

I am so grateful for the confidence of being in the love of God and knowing that no one can snatch me out of His hand.