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Matthew Lothery

After four weeks, the congregation already feels like family! Everyone I have met is so warm, welcoming, and friendly. I am so grateful to the... (read more)

Emily Meredith

As the youngest one in the group but also the leader, I have been learning how to lead with a posture of humility as I trust the Holy Spirit to embolden and guide my leadership.

Davis and Rebecca Wetherell

Often, we can feel like we are the only ones who are struggling. But our LIFE Group openly shares life situations with one another. We share how the Lord is doing amazing things in our lives, and we also “bear one another’s burdens."

Martha Messer

It has been nothing less than glorious and a picture of what the Church should be – learning and growing from one another with the Lord as our sure and unchanging Rock.

Dhrumil Shah

Building community is hard; it is a slow, arduous process that takes work and was something we tried to focus on in 2019. Then comes 2020.

Stephanie Bucataru

Sometimes there are tears and hugs and tissue boxes. Sometimes there is recognition – an understanding “you too?” moment. Always we take one step closer to knowing each other. Always these very different women with very different lives become our sisters, fulfilling our Shepherd’s prayer that we...

Charles and Brenda

After 10 years of being homeless and moving between motels, they could finally begin to recover. The church found ways to furnish the home and move them in.

Amanda Grandlienard

She was extremely blessed by Pastor Colin’s series and worship and prayed her adult daughter would join us too. After about a month her daughter did join us and a month later brought her boyfriend as well.

Pastor Josh Newton

Covid has provided an amazing season of ministry. We have had two students put their faith in Christ this month!

Linda Green

It was a blessing to be able to talk and pray with those who I saw and could personally hand the bag to them.

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