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Charles and Brenda

In June, Don and Classy, members of Crystal Lake Evangelical Free Church, met a sweet couple at a local food pantry. They formed a strong bond and began a discipleship relationship. After living with them in their Woodstock home for a season, they found Charles and Brenda a room at the Sunset Motel in Marengo. Don called Pastor Justin and he agreed to meet the couple and get them plugged into The Orchard Marengo. Rides were arranged and the church began to pour out their love and compassion on the couple. Pastor Justin called Pastor Matt Zaubi as he considered the best way to help them. With good advice and support, Chuck and Brenda agreed to be married. God's blessings began to unfold. Soon after, a home near their family was found. After 10 years of being homeless and moving between motels, they could finally begin to recover. The church found ways to furnish the home and move them in. Pastor Justin gave them a spare refrigerator even though the apartment had one. They put it in the garage at the new home. They are now cooking healthier food in their kitchen, watching TV on their couch, and storing their clothes in dressers instead of cardboard boxes and garbage bags. A few days after moving in, the fridge at their new home stopped working. They immediately replaced it with the one the church put in their garage and didn't lose a single item of food! "It's amazing," they proclaimed, "God must have known!" They have begun looking for a church that will continue to help them to follow and serve Jesus.

We praise God for the new hope and comfort that Chuck and Brenda have found and invite you to celebrate the work of the Lord among his people this Christmas season.