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Hamilton Cha

God’s provision for fellowship through our LIFE Group has been an overwhelming blessing to my family and me. Our LIFE Group has introduced us to Christ-centered relationships where we share our lives under God. LIFE Groups are filled with caring Christians that provide encouragement, guidance, resources, and prayer. They have grown my heart and relationship with Christ through deeper relationships with Christians on a regular basis. Sharing life with other Christians and studying Sunday’s message or other Bible studies has helped me to respond to temptations and sin with wisdom, confidence, strength, and grace. For times when I fail and sin, my LIFE Group has not a place of condemnation, but a place to shine a light on that darkness and to ask for God’s forgiveness. Our group reminds me that we are all imperfect but saved and made perfect through Jesus Christ. By being in a group, I see God working in others and better understand Him working in me. These meetings remind us that we are never alone, we are a part of God’s family, He provides us what we need, and He always loves us.

Our LIFE Group has also been a light to shine on personal brokenness where my wife and I have shared marriage challenges. Our Christian brothers and sisters have listened and encouraged us to mirror God’s forgiveness, helping us see the light of Christ in one another. Without God and these Christ-centered relationships, I do not know where our marriage would be. Praise God!