Unlocking the Bible

UTB LogoIt is amazing what God can do when a person opens his or her Bible. The Power of the Open Book is more life-changing than we can ever imagine, but sadly, the Bible is often neglected and unopened. When this happens, the powerful Bible story—that begins in a garden, ends in a city, and all the way through points to Jesus Christ—stays locked inside.

The ministry of Unlocking the Bible is committed to changing this. With the multi-media tools available to us today, we now have the ability to bring the gospel message to people wherever they are and however they choose to interact with it. Whether people are radio listeners, DVD watchers, avid readers, habitual web surfers, smart-phone enthusiasts, social media fans, or email devotees, Unlocking the Bible is focused on putting the gospel within their grasp.

Visit the Unlocking the Bible website to learn more about the Power of the Open Book.

Our Mission

Unlocking the Bible puts the gospel within peoples’ grasp by delivering impactful teaching through a broad array of modern media.
Through our mission, we seek to:

Edify the Believer by providing biblically-sound edification and shepherding to believers

Transform the Lost by pointing nominal believers to life-transforming faith in Christ by drawing them to God’s Word

Strengthen the Isolated by providing consistent teaching and encouragement to those who do not or cannot attend a local church

Build the Church by driving people to a local church were their Christian growth can be nourished more fully

Nourish the Body by providing local churches with impactful, biblical content to help them edify, transform, strengthen and build up their congregation in Christ


Pastor Colin Smith’s teaching can be heard on dozens of radio stations throughout the United States and throughout the world on satellite. In Illinois, the Unlocking the Bible radio program can be heard on the following local stations:

  • Weekdays at 2 p.m. on WBNH, FM 100.1, Bloomington, IL
  • Weekdays at 8:30 p.m. on WMBI, FM 90.1, Chicago, IL
  • Weekdays at 1 & 8:30 p.m. on WDLM, FM 89.3, Quad Cities, IL
  • Saturdays at 2 p.m. on WBNH, FM 88.5, Pekin/Peoria, IL

Find a complete list of radio stations and program times.

Pastor Colin’s Preaching Schedule

November 29-December 20: In Person: Arlington Heights

UTB_Books_and_Other_ResourcesBooks and Other Resources

Pastor Colin has written 10 books, from his first 4-bookset Unlocking the Bible Story to his latest release The One Year Unlocking the Bible Devotional. In addition, a number of his sermon series are now available as DVD studies for small groups.

Browse the many resources available at the Unlocking the Bible online store.

Do you want to take Pastor Colin’s sermons with you on-the-go? Download our mobile app, available for Apple products (iPod, iPhone, iPad) and for the Android Market.

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Unlock the Power of the Open Book…daily.

If you’ve been encouraged by Pastor Colin’s Bible teaching, you’ll love getting into the Bible for yourself with LifeKEYS Daily, a devotional booklet offering fresh insights, helpful analogies, and practical application for your everyday life.

Featuring a daily Bible reading plan and discussion questions, each monthly issue of LifeKEYS Daily walks you through a Bible theme or book of the Bible, helping you to experience more than just information – you will experience life-changing transformation through the gospel of Jesus Christ. LifeKEYS Daily is a great tool for personal and group study – even for use around the dinner table!

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